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Self Photos / Files - csm_H_ww_FP_dishwasher_cups-family_de_DE_1120_91d41a09c4Reusable cups are intended to be used more than once and are thus frequently washed in order to conserve resources and protect the environment. But there are challenges in achieving a completely hygienic result that involve the removal of dried residues from beverages and traces of lipstick, as well as natural sources of soiling such as dust. The cleaning and drying of the cups is further compounded by cup geometry, including recesses, ribs and lips. It is essential that the cup is absolutely dry before you can reuse it or stack it for storage. To achieve an optimal washing and drying result, the right combination of machine, rack system and chemicals is necessary. HOBART has managed to successfully achieve this.



PREMAX GP / FP with built-in TOP-DRY drying
+ Reusable cup washing rack for up to 25 cups per wash cycle
+ Quality plastic rinse aid


Self Photos / Files - 2020-11-11_Becherspuelsystem_Bestandteile



  • RELIABLE HYGIENE AT ALL TIMES: The combination of a HOBART PREMAX GP / FP undercounter dishwasher with built-in TOP-DRY drying, the HOBART reusable cup washing rack and the quality plastic rinse aid delivers a perfectly hygienic wash result.­­­­
  • PROCESS RELIABILITY: Washing and drying 25 cups at the same time. In the HOBART reusable cup rack, the cups are simply placed upside down onto the holders and fixed with a special weighted grid. This stops them from moving during the wash cycle.
    Thanks to the TOP-DRY drying, there is no need to dry the reusable cups by hand. This saves valuable time.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Not only reusable cups can be washed, but also other wash ware: the PREMAX GP/ FP undercounter dishwashers can be switched between these modes in one easy step. Just change the rack and switch on the standard programme with TOP-DRY drying. In a flexible and user-friendly way.
  • DRY CUPS: In a small wash up area – where space is already cramped – the reusable cups should ideally be stacked and put away straight after the wash cycle. This was not always possible, however, as the reuseable cups needed to be dried by hand first. Now you do not lose any valuable time drying the cups. Thanks to HOBART’s successful concept, the reuseable cups can be stacked and stored straightaway.


Self Photos / Files - H_ww_cups_1120_web_2



04-005850-002 Wire rack for reusable cups, with space for 25 reusable cups. Ideal in combination with plastic rinse aid and TOP-DRY drying!


Self Photos / Files - 2020-11-05_Korbuebersicht_Becherspuelen

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