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High above the clouds - but still down-to-earth

The catering of thousands of airline passengers is an organisational masterpiece. From the preparation and cooking to the transport and cleaning, everything must be completed on time and must meet the highest hygienic requirements. This is possible thanks to the highly professional kitchen and logistics systems. Here, nothing is left to chance. When it comes to technology, trust the experts at HOBART.

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Solid equipment - Sound advice

Airline catering is demanding - particularly when it comes to warewashing. Thousands of rotables, including glassware, cutlery, tray sets and carts have to be cleaned quickly and efficiently. After all, you can't keep the plane waiting just because the carts aren't cleaned and the cutlery isn't ready. HOBART offers customised solutions meeting the specific demands and requirement of each facility. Many years of experience led to an incomparable reputation for HOBART among worlds major airline caterers.



The focus on the cost drivers is the essential key in optimising the operating costs of a machine. As a leading specialist within its field, HOBART is constantly developing and releasing innovative solutions to increase efficiency by reducing the needed energy, water and detergent. Since labor costs are one of the primary cost drivers in the airline catering industry HOBART therefore provides individual and optimised workflow concepts.

Providing warewash equipment that fits the particular workflow and logistical environment is a main strength of HOBART. Part of this is the development of economical airline catering solutions with a focus on equipment that integrates seamlessly in a lean production process.




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