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Washing without water sounds almost impossible – but is it? There is a vision at the start of every undertaking. Many products which make our lives easier today are born out of utopian ideas of people with a vision. Without visions, there would be no progress. This is also true for the warewashing sector. Before the launch of the PREMAX line in 2007, a reduction of water consumption by 50% in a flight-type dishwasher would have been inconceivable – today, it is a fact. This success motivates us to set our aims higher – even higher than others deem feasible. As of now, we have not yet found a way for our dishwashers to operate without water, but this does not mean that it cannot be done.




Success as a result of innovation, combined with business thinking and sustainable activities: intensive fundamental research, consistent further development of our technologies and permanent reconsideration of the results achieved made us the market and technology leader. The continuous further improvement of our products is our goal, which we pursue with innovation and excellent work.


Since the launch of the PREMAX, we introduced more than 30 innovative products to the market. All of them have a common purpose: generating real added value for the customer. Our global network comprises more than 300 research and development engineers, marketing teams identifying our customers' requirements on all continents and our own Technology Center in the USA as well as the innovation site in Offenburg.


Already in the past years, we set standards in respect to energy saving and recovery measures and we intend to expand our technical lead with a range of new world innovations. Compared to conventional technologies, the PREMAX flight-type dishwasher saves up to 50% water, 30% energy and 80% detergents; this makes it a symbol of innovative power, economic efficiency and ecological awareness.


Self Photos / Files - CO2_WeltkugelFIGHTING CO2 EMISSIONS WITH



The HOBART climate protection programme CO2NSEQUENT comprises a multitude of individual measures focusing on environmental protection. These measures are applied for example in the manufacturing plant, in the purchasing process and in specific projects. Thus, the production of all HOBART products only uses regenerative energies.



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