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Self Photos / Files - HOBART-erste-Kaffeemuehle_360px

1883  Mr. Charles Clarence Hobart builds his first engines and generators in Middletown, Ohio.


1886  J.C. Cochran receives the patent for the first dishwasher.


1897  The HOBART ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY was founded in Troy, Ohio, by the acquisition of the engine and generator factory of the HOBART family.


1903  HOBART builds the first food processor   (a self-contained powered coffee mill).


Self Photos / Files - first-flight-type-diswasher_360px

1926  HOBART purchases The Crescent Washing Machine Company and enters the commercial warewashing market: the first warewashing machine carrying a HOBART label.


1930  Foundation of the HOBART MASCHINEN GESELLSCHAFT in Hamburg, Germany.


1953  HOBART receives the patent for the first flight-type dishwasher.


Self Photos / Files - 0053_360px

1960  Acquisition of the dishwashing department of the company K. Martin, Offenburg, Germany.


1980  Production plant in Elgersweier, Germany, was newly build.


1986  PREMARK INTERNATIONAL GROUP emerged in Deerfield, Illinois.


Self Photos / Files - ITW-Logo_360px

1997  HOBART CORPORATION’S 100th anniversary.


1999  Integration of PREMARK into ITW.


2004  HOBART relocates to Elgersweier.


Self Photos / Files - PREMAX-Logo-2007_360px


2007  HOBART’s PREMAX line begins a new chapter in the annals of dishwashing technology. The PREMAX FTP flight-type dishwasher cuts water use by up to 50 %, energy use by up to 30 %, and use of chemicals by   up to 80 %.


2008  Largest warewashing technology order in history. HOBART washes at the International Airport in Doha, Qatar.


Self Photos / Files - hobart2_icon_rekord_10jahre_360px

2009  HOBART introduces the SENSOTRONIC, the world’s first intelligent dishwashing technology.


2010  10th record year in succession.


2011  Building of a new international research and development design centre in Elgersweier, Germany.


Self Photos / Files - Best-Marke-2014_360px

2012  Expansion of the factory by an additional hall 2a with 1,500 sqm for increasing the undercounter dishwasher production.


2013  Introduction of the new innovative glasswasher generation.


2013/2014  Awarded BestMarke "2013/2014" in the sectors quality, product efficiency and service by the prime German-Language trade journal, the "Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung" (AHGZ).


Self Photos / Files - reddot-2014_360px

2014  HOBART introduces the new flight-type dishwashers PREMAX FTPi and PROFI FTNi. With a new design and two world firsts: the AUTO-CLEAN self-cleaning system and the twinLINE technology.


2015  HOBART receives German Design Award, RedDot Award and iF Design Award.


Self Photos / Files - wir-sind-hobart2_360px

2015 HOBART celebrates the 15th record year in succession.


2015/2016  HOBART is repeatedly awarded "BestMarke 2015/16" in all three categories.


Self Photos / Files - Hobart2_app_history

2016 Introduction of HOBART dishwasher care


2017 Introduction of HOBART WASHSMART app


2018 Introduction of new undercounter models


Self Photos / Files - Hobart2_Werkserweiterung_Grafik2

2018/2019 Expansion of the international spare parts distribution centre and increase the volume of the after-sales services


2019 Introduction of TWO-LEVEL-WASHER


2019 Increase the production area by another 12.000 sqm

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